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Commercial UV Disinfection

Serving NY, NJ area

Specialists in NYC offices and businesses

UV equipment for water disinfection..jpg

100% Chemical-Free UV Disinfection

Kills 99.9% of Bacteria and Viruses

Hospital-Grade UV Devices 

24/7 Operation

No Influence on Surfaces and Objects

50% OFF on Premium+ Care


In this time of COVID 19 pandemic, our experts are providing the best customized treatment to help keep your facility safe from the virus.

Reopening Businesses

Confirmed or Suspected Spaces

Precautionary Measures

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Why do I need to disinfect my business?

Make your business stand out

Putting in extra effort will make you stand out among other businesses. After disinfection, we give you a custom-made verification seal that you can put up as a sign that you are taking care of the health of your valued employees and customers. 


We can handle things janitors cannot

Even if you have janitorial crew in your office, there is a great chance they might not be well trained in commercial sanitizing that goes beyond cleaning. We are here to help keeping your business safe from virus with our professional knowledge and technology. 

We disinfect against




Airborne-mediated germs

Dust mites  

Mold spores


Foul odor

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