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How to Clean High-Touch Areas

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

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What are high touch areas?

What are some ways you can clean high touch areas?

What are high touch areas?

High touch areas are surfaces that are touched by numerous people during the day. Some of the most popular in commercial areas include door handles, light switches, and shared appliances. If these areas are not cleaned or disinfected properly, it can easily spread germs to individuals. To prevent contamination, we will look at some ways you can clean high touch areas.

How to clean high-touch areas

For high touch areas, you should clean first then disinfect the surface. These instructions are adjusted for nonporous hard surfaces. If you have soft surfaces or other objects to clean, this may not be best suited for those areas. We considered some of the instructions provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  1. Cleaning

  • Put disposable gloves on before any work. This will keep your hands free of any chemicals and bacteria

  • Gather all your supplies: water, soap, cloth

  • Soak the cloth in the water and lather soap

  • Wipe the surfaces that need cleaning

  • Then disinfect

2. Disinfecting

  • Put disposable gloves on before any work.

  • Gather all your supplies: water, EPA-registered disinfectant, cloth

  • Read and follow the instructions on the back of the disinfectant product.

  • Wash your hands after disinfecting

These are simple steps to cleaning high-touch areas that pile germs and bacteria. It is most effective, if these surfaces are clean frequently with the correct instructions on the label.

However, this method is insufficient in completely killing germs off your area . To ensure a safe and virus-free environment, employing a profession disinfecting service is recommended by many experts. You can visit our site here for more information.

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