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How to Prepare for Reopening

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How to reopen for business after a pandemic

What are some concerns you should keep in mind before re-opening?

After months of quarantine, businesses are preparing to reopen. Business owners are looking for ways to regain customers as many companies have filed for bankruptcy during the pandemic after losing sales. However, before taking specific steps, people should plan ahead of the events they will face.

To Do: Before Opening for Business

Communicate with Employees

You should call or message your employees weeks before opening for business. With the government stimulus bill, individuals are collecting an additional $600 through July and resist going back to work. With that, it is safe to contact employees and ask if they plan to come back to work. From there, you can either consider hiring additional employees or working with the same staff.

Revisit Business Plan

With sales decreasing in most industries, it's beneficial to revisit your business plan. There may be a lot of changes to make regarding vendors, marketing, and financials. During these times of hardships, it is best to be safe than sorry. Keep away from taking financial risks and project ways in which you can reduce costs.

Follow Government Regulations

Depending on the business you own there are different /state regulations imposed. The most standard guidelines are wearing masks and social distancing even in indoor settings. Before opening for business refer to these safety measures and remember to practice them.

Professional Disinfecting Service

An essential step before reopening for business is having your space disinfected. With customers walking in and out, you should take safety precautions and reduce the risk of transmission. Professional disinfecting services will use devices that kill 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses including the novel coronavirus. For more information regarding this subject or to consult a disinfecting professional click here.

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