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Social Distancing in the Workplace

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Covered in today's blog:

Is it safe to go back to work during coronavirus or other pandemics?

What are precautionary measures that myself and others can take in the workplace?

How to properly social distance.

With many individuals going back to work, it has been advised that you should promote social distancing in the office. As much as it is an enclosed setting with a considerable amount of workers, it is important to strictly follow the guidelines of protecting oneself and others. Prior to businesses opening for operation, the CDC has released a plan on creating a healthy and safe workplace. In today’s blog we will cover the safety of employees during Covid-19 and measures that will encourage a better environment.

Is it safe to go back to work?

As many employees are asked to go back to work, worries about the spread of coronavirus have heightened. It is not guaranteed that the coronavirus can be completely contained in offices as individuals from different areas gather together. However, if proper guidelines and social distancing are followed, you can attempt in slowing the spread of infection.

How to resume work in a safer workplace

Checking for symptoms

  • Businesses should check the temperature of employees daily before they resume work to identify workers with possible fevers. In addition, you can ask questions regarding if they have any symptoms related to the coronavirus.

Reducing face-to-face contact

  • The most effective guideline is reducing direct contact with other employees. This should be maintained while mandating face coverings in the office. Although this may be uncomfortable while working, it should be implemented to best ensure the safety of yourself and your colleagues.

Proper disinfection of space

  • Office spaces should be cleaned thoroughly and disinfected daily prior to operation. As much as frequent washing of hands is important, cleaning areas that occupy workers is also essential.

Avoid communal areas

  • Businesses can make a schedule for people to use communal areas such as the lounge or bathroom so that group gatherings are reduced. This promotes further social distancing in the office space as well.

Social distancing is crucial when it comes to the spread of bacteria and viruses. However, it is insufficient in completely killing them. To ensure a safe and virus-free environment, employing a profession disinfecting service is recommended by many experts. You can visit our site here for more information.

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