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Understanding Paper Consumption in the Office

Covered in today’s blog

Why should businesses promote environmentally conscious workplaces?

Tips on making your office more eco-friendly by going paperless.

More and more companies are becoming conscious of how they operate in the workplace. As individuals are becoming more informed about environmentally friendly behaviors, there have been many innovative ways of going green in the office. The most imminent concern is the waste of unnecessary paper in workplaces. We will look at how you can reduce paper consumption and how these adjustments can encourage not only conscious operation but also better productivity.

As much as it is a group effort in creating this change, it is important that these ideas are shared amongst the whole team. This will establish a stronger company culture through a collective initiative.

Go Paperless

Look around you. Whether you are working in a business office, hospital, or school, many places require paper usage to operate. There are situations where the paper goes to waste when you can find other alternatives.

First, have an idea of where the paper is most consumed. It could be for filing documents, invoices, or certificates. Try to see if these can be stored and saved on your computer so you can avoid the habit of printing every document that you need.

For further accountability, you can implement DMS in your offices. According to AIIM, Document Management Systems “is the use of a computer system and software to store, manage and track electronic documents and electronic images of paper-based information captured through the use of a document scanner.” This system will help you in getting comfortable dealing with electronic documents.

If you do use paper in the office, ensure that they end up in the recycling bin. All offices should recycle their papers so that they can be turned into other paper products such as egg cartons, toilet paper, construction paper, etc.

✔Cutting paper use also reduces greenhouse gas emissions that impact our environment!

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