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What is Company Culture?

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What is company culture?

What are the different types of company culture?

Where does my company fit?

Company culture is the foundational building block of any business or organization. It encompasses the different attitudes of the company to its long-term values and goals. Because company culture influences so many areas of a business, it’s important to cultivate it from its roots.

No two companies have the same company culture. You’re able to define what category of culture the company fits into but none are identical.

Four Major Types of Company Culture

There are four models of company culture: clan, adhocracy, hierarchy, and market. Let’s have a look at each one.


Clan cultures have the most collaborative orientation compared to the others. Its two main features are flexibility and integration. They focus on internal growth while supervisors act as mentors and facilitators to their team. This builds teamwork and raises the participation of all workers.


Adhocracy cultures rank high in flexibility but raise their focus on external growth. Businesses of this culture have a creative orientation, constantly thinking of innovative ways to produce new products. Individuals who work in this environment push themselves to think beyond and are future oriented.


Hierarchy cultures find comfort in stability and control. Individuals in this area focus on organizational structure and coordination. Everyone has a specific role they are intended to play in the office and must follow the instructions of their supervisors.


Market cultures have a more competing orientation than a collaborative one. Success is their ultimate goal and most of their energy is exerted in meeting this goal. Many individuals who work in this culture are driven, ambitious and competitive employees.

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