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Who We Serve


Ensuring the safety of you and your employees is the key to creating a successful working environment. Your employees will be more than impressed when they walk into a sparking fresh office. It will not only boost the work efficiency but will also give your employees a belief that their valuable health and well-being is prioritized. We offer 24/7, overnight disinfection in order to make your office ready in the best condition for a new day.


Retail Stores


Retail stores are one of the venues that people from everywhere can easily come and go. Due to this public nature of the business, it can be quite worrisome for both store employees and customers that they are unknowingly exposing themselves to a potentially harmful viruses. With the verification seal we provide you to attach in the premises after the disinfection, you can make your employees and customers feel protected to create a more decent sales enviroment.


Hospital is a place that has the most dangerous virus and the most number of people who are vulnerable to them at the same time. It is a vital role for the hospitals to make sure their property is properly disinfected on a regular basis. UV light treatment is highly beneficial for the hospitals in that it is a powerful disinfecting method that is completely free of potentially dangerous chemicals. We use top-notch, state-of-the-art UV machine to provide your hospital with the best protection against numerous harmful germs.




New people visit restaurants and bars everyday, leaving their traces in every corner of the place for the duration of their stay. It is important for the hospitality businesses to ensure the hygiene in their property in order to make their patrons comfortably return. By putting up the certificate seal we provide after the disinfection, you can let your valued customers know that you went above and beyond to take care of their health and prepare the safest environment for their experience.

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