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Commercial Disinfection Service

COVID19 Protection with Air-Sterilizing UV

As we get to know more about the virus, studies are now suggesting coronavirus can spread through air. Even without close human contact, the virus that has possibly brought into the premises can linger in the air to reach your customers and employees. Our hospital-grade UV devices is the optimal solution to sterilizing the air, having 99.9% effectiveness in killing various types of viruses.

Why Choose Saniking24?

Non-Chemical Disinfection 

We distinguish ourselves from traditional disinfection by adhering to 100% non-chemical, environmentally-friendly disinfecting method. This is not only beneficial to your employee's health, but can also impress your customers, making them feel safe to revisit your business. 

Top-notch device and technology 

We use state-of-the-art, hospital-grade UV light devices and steamer to effectively disinfect your business only using natural sources. We also make use of the technology of electrolyzed water, which is a powerful disinfectant made with only water, salt, and vinegar. 

24/7, overnight operation  

Our customer contact service is 24/7 in operation at your convenience. Also, we provide overnight disinfection service so your employees and customers will come to a sparkling fresh office in the morning. 

We treat with extra care on


  • Doorknobs

  • Light switches

  • Monitors

  • Keyboards and mouse

  • Table tops

  • Phones

  • Cubicles

  • Restroom faucets and dispensers

Neat Computer Desk

How we disinfect in a 100% chemical-free way

We use hospital-grade UVC devices​ to disinfect your facility in the most effective and environmentally-friendly way. UVC light is proven to inactivate various types of bacteria and viruses by destructing their reproducing system. Unlike traditional sanitizing procedures such as spraying or fogging of chemical disinfectants, UVC technology is completely harmless on human and objects since it is chemical-free and non-toxic. Also, since there is no touching on surfaces and products, it is ensured that your property is perfectly intact after each treatment. Due to this delicate and efficient nature, UVC disinfection is by far the safest option to be implemented multiple times or on a regular basis for all types of businesses.

We provide exclusive UVC technology at an affordable price

Until recent times, UVC disinfection has largely been limited for medical and industrial use due to its elevated cost. However, we have noticed the potential advantages in widening the usage of UVC due to its powerful and natural principle. For this reason, we have now prepared the most up-to-date, hospital-grade devices to provide businesses of all scales with the best customized UVC treatment at an affordable price.

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